Thermal spraying is an industrial coating process that consists of a heat source and a coating material in a powder or wire form which is literally melted into tiny droplets and sprayed onto surfaces at high velocity.

Thermal spray is a cost-effective method for enhancing surface properties. We support all common thermal spray methods, with options to suit your surfacing and all other applications requirements- such as the size of your run, scale of your part, environmental concerns, and portability needs.

C-61 D-21  Machinery & Pump Contractor License #0121366

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spray

Corrosion and wear resistant surfaces are needed for machine parts in many industries. The HVOF fuel process supplies this protection by producing very thick, high-density coatings.

Electric Arc Wire Spray

Electric Arc Wiring Spray offers you excellent portability for on-site coatings. It covers applications for welded tube seams, piston rings, capacitors, varistors, boiler walls, and large infrastructures. It uses only electricity and atomized air to melt metallic alloy and pure metals wires.

Combustion Wire Spray

Our combustion wire spray services include anti-corrosion coatings and dimensional surface restoration. Metal-based wires are used in-shop or on-site for coating large steel structures, chemical and petroleum tanks, and marine applications.