Powers Bros is equipped with the latest METCO Diamond Jet High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) System. We keep our equipment up to date as HVOF technology advances. Furthermore we have over 30 years experience running HVOF systems. The metalizing process for the Diamond Jet offers superior coating and bond strength to all other spray systems. Capable of producing bond strengths greater then 12,000 psi and coatings up to 70 Rc. The coatings produced are tremendously dense do to the high kinetic energy associated with the process. Common uses requiring HVOF coatings include compressor parts, machine parts upgrades, valve parts, piston rods, pumps and turbine shafts, plungers, and more!

For machine parts requiring high hardness in addition to corrosion and wear resistance, our gas-fueled HVOF process is the ideal solution. It produces coatings that are hard, thick, dense, and have fine, homogeneous structures.

HVOF Process

Depending upon your requirements, propylene, propane, hydrogen, or natural gas may be used as the fuel in our High Velocity Oxygen (gas) Fuel (HVOF) thermal spray systems. As a result of the high kinetic energy transferred to the particles through both HVOF processes, the coating material generally does not need to be fully melted. Instead, the powder particles are in a molten state and flatten plastically as they impact the work piece surface. The resulting coating has a very predictable chemistry that is homogeneous and has a fine granular structure.

Common HVOF Surface Applications

  • Aviation
  • Power Generation
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Printing and Paper/Pulp Equipment
  • Petrochemical
  • Glass Manufacture
  • Metal Processing
  • Textile Machinery
  • General Industrial