Powers Bros. Machine refurbishes printing parts for multiple manufacturers and models. Whether it be a Man Roland, Heidelberg Komori or Koenig & Bauer, we can help repair parts to get your press running quickly. We have a successful history of recoating print cylinders and rollers and also repairing gears, shafts, rollers, couplings journals and other heavy equipment needed for printing. Roller inspections includes testing for both straightness and Total Indicated Run-out (TIR).

C-61 D-21  Machinery & Pump Contractor License #0121366

Print Plate, Impression, Offset and Blanket Cylinders

The cylinder is the heart of any press; Powers Bros. can offer new coatings to restore worn cylinders. This can be done in our shop or on-site. When a cylinder gets a ding or scratch Powers Bros. can come to you and build up new metal over the damaged area. Then finish grind the new metal to blend into the existing base metal. When we are done it will be as if the scratch never existed. We can also offer straightening cylinders that become bet over time and provide new and outdated parts.

Powers Bros. works on the following types of rollers, shafts, gripper bars, and gear boxes:

  • Copper Rollers
  • Fountain Rollers
  • Aluminum Rollers
  • Ink Rollers
  • Eccentric Shaft Rollers
  • Eccentric Rollers
  • Feed/Idle Rollers
  • Vibrator Rollers
  • Trunnion Rollers
  • Drive Shaft
  • Gripper Bars
  • Cutting rollers
  • Chrome/Water Rollers
  • Glue Rollers
  • Folding Shaft
  • Gear Boxes