Have You Ever Had a Fan Shaft With a Worn Bearing Area, But The Shaft Was Too Large To Remove?

Powers Bros. Machine has developed an onsite process to repair the damaged bearing area while the shaft stays in the unit. the process includes metalizing (material build up) the damaged area and finish grinding to factory size. What you get is a good surface finish and a harder surface ready for bearing.


Fan Shaft Restoration Process

Step 1: Remove bearing and support shaft keeping center line

Step 2: Grind damaged area uniformly for thermal coating

Step 3:Thermal Coat shaft

Step 4: Finish Grind to standard size and surface finish

Step 5: Install new bearing

The Powers Bros. team is fully trained and has extensive knowledge and experience in this industry. We continue to effectively restore or modify any shaft back to OEM specifications. We are committed to providing cost effective solutions with a considerably shorter lead time to our valued customers.